Manual Coffee Grinder

Fresh coffee whenever you want


The BREMEN coffee grinder from GROSCHE is a manual ceramic conical burr grinder with a simple and reliable mechanism that will evenly grind your coffee beans.  The gap adjustment allows you to go from coarse grind (perfect for French press coffee), to medium grind (ideal for pour over coffee makers) to fine grind (perfect for espresso). Watch this video to see how to adjust your grind setting.
Each grinder comes with an extra jar & lid for grind storage. The jar will hold up to 100g of freshly ground coffee. A removable silicone lid is also included to prevent spillage when grinding beans.


  • Requires no electricity, perfect for traveling.
  • Also great for grinding spices like peppers, cloves, cardamom.
  • Easy to clean – Easy to disassemble, washable burrs.
  • Manual and care & safety guidelines available here.

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