Iced Coffee Blend

A blend of medium & dark roast


Our top secret 3-bean blend offers a crisp, clean and complex cup. Specifically created for cold brew. This is the blend we use for our cold brew iced coffee.
  • Medium body
  • Very low acidity
  • Notes: nutty, fruity
  • Sweet aroma

Now offering “Pre-Bunned” option for easy cold brew preparation!

  • Place a bunn in a 64oz pitcher/ container, fill with water.
  • Let it steap at room temperature for 20-24 hours. (We steap ours for 24 hours)
  • Remove the bunn, let it chill, and enjoy!

Free pick-up and drop-off offered for local shoppers!
If you plan to pickup at the Horsham Farmer’s Market, please choose local pickup as shipping and tell us in Order Notes when you will come by!

If you are unsure of the grind option or have any other question, please contact us. We are happy to help!

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