Drip Coffee Bag

Drip coffee wherever you are



Introducing single-use drip coffee bags, you can now enjoy quality drip coffee wherever you are. Bring them with you to the office, your next camping trip, park, business trip and anywhere you have hot water. These drip bags are easy to use, easy to brew and compostable! Currently offering three blends and a variety set:

  • Breakfast Blend – cocoa & maple notes, smooth body, blend of medium & dark roast
  • Colombia – sweet & nutty, medium body, medium roast
  • Home Blend – hints of cocoa & nuts, full body, blend of medium & dark roast
  • Variety Set – (2) Breakfast blend, (2) Colombia, (3) Home blend

Each order will contain 7 bags of drip bags, each with 12 grams of ground coffee with or without the tin. You can brew 10 oz of coffee per drip bag.

Shipping to the U.S. and Canada only. Free pick-up and drop-off offered for local shoppers!