Coffee Filter Holder Set

3D printed with coffee infused plastic.


Tired of having your coffee filters flying all over the kitchen? Want to upgrade from the cardboard box to something simple and appealing? Achieve a unique balance of style and be one of the first and only people to own an item made from coffee and recycled plant-based plastic.

This filter holder is made from coffee infused plastic by 3D-Fuel, using waste byproducts from coffee. The coffee plastic gives the product a noticeable natural grain, and if you have a very strong sense of smell, you might even smell the coffee! This holder will fit 80-100 standard coffee filters (size 4) and comes with a slot to put your coffee scoop in.

The set includes 1 coffee filter holder, 1 coffee scoop, 1 box of bamboo coffee filters (size 4). Please allow up to 2 days for production.

CAUTION: Due to the nature of plant-based plastic, this product does not tolerate heat. Direct sun or temperatures over 90 degrees may cause the items to warp. To learn more about the coffee plastic, please visit here.

Coffee filter holder: approximately 6¾ x 2¼ x 3″ (170mm x 60mm x 78mm)
Coffee scoop: approximately 7″ long (179mm)

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