Cameroon Boyo

Blue mountain from Cameroon! Medium roast


Grown beneath the peak of Kilum Mountain, also called Mount Oku, at altitudes of up to 4,000 – 4,500 feet, the Cameroon Boyo is creamy, buttery and refined. This coffee is also the same variety as the Jamaican Blue Mountain! 
Many farms in the Boyo region are small, ranging only a half acre to 4 acres, but mighty. Even though it may seem rudimentary by industrial standards, their ecologically sound and foundational farming techniques of proper pruning, soil and shade management, and processing techniques elevate the region’s incredible capacity for vibrant coffee production. We are excited to carry this bean, and supporting over 3,000 small but mighty coffee farmers and families. 
  • Creamy, buttery body
  • Medium low acidity
  • Notes: Red cherry, dark chocolate, tobacco
  • Tobacco and chocolate aroma

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